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Jade & Gifts offer jade jewelry, jade earring, jade pendant, jade ring made in genuine jade, a collective name of nephrite and jadeite. We also offer vintage wristwatch, watch and curios of rarity.

Jade, for thousands of years , has been the most sought-after jewelry in the orient, especially in China where people treasure it more than any other materials. There is a saying in China that everything has a price, but jade is priceless. Jade has been used as tools and ornaments since the earliest time of Chinese history. People take jade as the Stone of Heaven, anything made of it, anointed as a protector against devils. There are legends and mysterious stories around jade about how jade leads the mortal to immortal, how it makes a poor to become rich and how it save a man from disaster and so on..

Gradually, jade is symbolized as an image of peace, kindness, elegance and eternity. In China, people believe that Jade can bring safety, wealth, health, longevity and peace of mind. It is not just a jewelry.

We are glad to present you our jade pendant and jade earring. Most of them are from China where it is the best known for its jade carving. All the jade earrings and jade pendants are hand-carved from natural gemstone. Most of our jade jewelry carries a symbolic meaning or tells an old and mysterious legend.

Jade is priceless, elegant and gracious. It is the ideal jewelry for the classics as well as the contemporaries. Our jade jewelries are the unique examples. Now, board the train to the orient by clicking on the product name. Let it bring you to a the mystery of the orient, a green so rich, a beauty so joyous, and then, to the dream of dream.

Our jade jewelries are offered at very low price. Same size and quality jade piece sells at hundreds of dollars in jewelry stores.


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